Doc.Mobile Oil & Gas Key Features

Below is a list of Doc.Mobile Oil and Gas key features and benefits, for more information relating to any of these services, or to join the scheme, please contact us.

Dental Checkup

In order to provide a dental risk assessment, firstly a dental checkup must take place.

  • Customers can choose to have their checkup performed by their own dentist or by the dental practice.
  • If required, Doc.Mobile oil and Gas can recommend a dentist to perform the checkup.
  • The results of the checkup together with dental x-rays will be forwarded by the dentist to Doc.Mobile Oil & Gas for dental risk assessment.

Dental Risk Assessment

Following the dental checkup, Doc.Mobile Oil and Gas staff will perform a dental risk assessment based upon the checkup results and examination of dental x-rays. The Risk assessment provides the basis for dental certification and any required dental treatment plan.

Dental Fitness Certificates

Dental fitness certificates provide you and your employer confidence in your dental fitness to work, certificates are issued as follows:

  • Category A: Ready to go worldwide for minimum of 2 years.
  • Category B: Ready to go worldwide, but must see a dentist and receive treatment within the next 6 month
  • Category C: Needs urgent treatment before next offshore trip

Treatment Plan

Dental treatment plans are made based on the results of the dental risk assessments, some features of the treatment plans are:-

  • The customer can choose to have treatment carried out by their own dentist
  • The treatment plan and the treatment itself will be coordinated and controlled by Doc.Mobile staff
  • The ability to work will always be the focus of the treatment plan
  • The plan will consider the financial situation of the customer and produce various options

Worldwide Dental Emergency Service

Customers benefit from emergency dental services available worldwide. Whether onshore or offshore you can rest assured that should a dental emergency arise, you will be cared for by professional staff who are working to our standards and who understand your treatment needs.

Quality Assured Service

Doc.Mobile Oil & Gas provides the highest standards in dental services and patient care, to this end our practice has achieved Denplan Excel accreditation. Denplan Excel is an advanced Accreditation Programme for dentists to help support Clinical Governance and professional regulation.

Denplan Excel is the only independently validated Dental Clinical Governance programme.

Our commitment is not only to achieving this accreditation, but also to continuously improving our services and processes. This brings benefits to our clients and patients as they can rest assured their dental services are being provided by a company who can demonstrate the highest professional quality standards.

Worldwide Quality

Our global practice network is based predominately alongside the Oil and Gas centres of the world.

Network practices have to demonstrate that they can meet our quality standards, ensuring that we can provide clean, safe, professional practices wherever the customer is based.

Doc.Mobile Oil & Gas staff carry out regular inspections of global network practices to ensure quality is consistently achieved.

We also take feedback from our customers following any global network practice visit to ensure we maintain a high level of care.


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DenplanExcel LOGO

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